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  1. Surge Protector

    Surge Protector

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €15.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €45.00  
    Protects your electrical equipment from power surges created by generators.

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  2. Distribution Box for Generator

    Distribution Box for Generator

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €50.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €100.00  
    These durable rubber boxes minimise set up time on site and provide a safe and reliable power distribution system in all weather conditions. All boxes comply with UK and European regulations and are fully MCB/RCD protected. • Ideal for events.

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  3. SPLIT

    Splitter Box

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €5.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €15.00  
    We offer a wide range of safety and junction boxes to suit each machine, all are waterproof and designed for heavy duty on site conditions.

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  4. TRA3

    Transformer 3.3kva

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €3.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €9.00  
    Ideal for any site the 3kva transformer can be used to power tools which are running on and off all day.

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  5. TRA5

    Transformer 5kva Large

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €22.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €66.00  
    Ideal for any site. This 5kva transformer can power tools up to 3.5kw.

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  6. TRA10

    Transformer 10kva

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €28.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €84.00  
    This 10kva transformer can provide 10kw of continuous power. Ideal for heavy duty power on demand.

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  7. EXT

    Extension Lead

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €2.50  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €7.50  
    25m 220v or 110v Extension Power Lead. Ideal when using power tools which require a direct feed at long range e.g. Power washer.

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