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  1. FLMP

    Flood Light Mini Pod

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €8.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €24.00  
    Small and compact pod lights, can be used on any occasion.

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  2. FLD

    Flood Light Double Head LED 50watt

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €16.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €48.00  
    Doubled headed LED lights with telescopic tripod, extending to 3m tall.

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  3. Lighting Tower Mini

    Lighting Tower Mini

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €90.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €270.00  
    This compact and easy to transport lighting tower is capable of lighting up to 1800m2. It also boosts a useful 5kva generator and provides 30hrs of run time.


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  4. Mobile Lighting Tower Diesel

    Mobile Lighting Tower Diesel

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €95.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €285.00  
    These super silent mobile lighting towers provide excellent lighting for a range of applications including motorway maintenance, construction sites, carparks and events.

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  5. Lighting Tower Eco

    Lighting Tower Eco

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €130.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €390.00  
    With a running time of over 340 hours, this Eco friendly Lighting Tower offers a huge reduction in fuel costs (74%) totalling 340ltrs per month over standard Lighting towers. This road towed unit is equipped with 4x high efficiency 400w metal halide floodlights, a 9m hydraulic mast & 5kva 240v power outlet with ELCB protection. It also boosts a 73% reduction in carbon co2 emissions totalling 1 tonne saving per month. Another advantage of this Eco model is refuelling once per month instead of once per week • 74% reduction in fuel costs • Re-Fuel once per month instead of once per week • Long run time (340hrs) • 73% reduction in carbon footprint Standard Features: • 4 high efficiency metal halide floodlights • 9m electro hydraulic mast • Bunded tank to avoid fuel spillage on the ground • 5 KVA–230V outlet with ELCB protection • Certified wind stability up to 100 Km/h • Noise Level: 91LWA

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  6. BOAR

    Light Board for Trailer

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €6.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €18.00  
    Lighting board for trailer

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