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  1. CJ

    Jack Hammer

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €35.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €105.00  
    Powerful Atlas Copco jack hammer for use with all towable compressors. Various chisel types and sizes available.

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  2. PSCAB

    Scabbler Pole Pneumatic

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €38.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €114.00  
    The pole scabbler will reach awkward spots for cleaning and surface preparation. Mostly used in vertical applications.

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  3. SCAB

    Scabbler Hand Pneumatic

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €38.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €114.00  
    If you are preparing concrete for refinishing, roughing the surface and removing dirt and old finishes is quick and easy.

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  4. PSLG

    Steeple Gun Pneumatic

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €28.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €84.00  
    This pneumatic steeple gun is ideal for cabinet making installing kitchens and bedroom furniture.

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  5. PNLG

    Pneumatic Nail Gun

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €33.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €99.00  
    Perfect for fixing skirting, panelling, architrave and even beading. This nail gun is fast and effective . Supplied with hose for compressor. f Learn More
  6. SPGN

    Spray Gun

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €14.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €42.00  
    Can be used with electric or petrol compressors for paint spraying.

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  7. CP400

    Compressor 400cfm

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €175.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €525.00  
    These units are fully road tow compliant and are used extensively on public sector projects and construction.

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  8. IMPGA

    Impact Gun Pneumatic

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €16.50  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €49.50  
    This pneumatic 1/2” drive socket gun is compact and lightweight it loosens and tightens nuts and bolt in no time.

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  9. Jack Hammer Small

    Jack Hammer Small

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €25.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €75.00  
    Ideal for chipping or removing plaster from concrete walls, this hammer has an extremely high power to weight ratio.

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  10. NEDG

    Needle Gun

    Daily (Ex. Vat): €25.00  Weekly (Ex. Vat): €75.00  
    This needle gun cleans both masonry and steel work before painting or refinishing can be done.

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20 item(s)

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